Garage Days

Petruț Călinescu

Dozens of thousands of garages were built in Chișinău, capital city of the Republic of Moldova, during Communism; in the years of transition, many more were built illegally. Today, few are still mere places to keep your car in. Built in compact group of dozens, hundreds or, in some cases, even thousands, garages have outgrown their initial function and started to adapt to the needs of each owner. Pickles are jarred here, belongings are stored seasonally, wine is produced (sometimes from grapes grown on the garage roof), birthday parties or impromptu benders are held. The press has also caught a peek of the Mayor of Chișinău drinking and playing improvised instruments in a garage; two kilograms of uranium were found in another. You can browse through a garage art gallery, buy fresh fish from a garage, or visit a garage museum of old computers, with about one hundred functional machines. The uses of the garage are as diverse as human nature, and the fact that those in Moldova did not go the way of their demolished counterparts in Bucharest allows us to observe current habitation needs in post-Soviet countries.

ongoing work

The project was co-financed with a grant of AFCN and OAR 

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