Nothing to fear

Ioana Cîrlig

Helga dances and watches princess cartoons. She loves a lot and unconditionally.

Edith always has a story to tell, loves squirrels and she’s a fan of Carla’s Dreams.

Karina writes, reads a lot of fantasy and listens to Nicki Minaj. She’s in love with Alex. This year she got a microscope for her birthday.

Rebecca is elegant and likes to draw. We both agree that a car that would spew glitter out of its exhaust pipe would be awesome.

Rudolph, the father, knows a plant remedy for any ailment.

Camelia, the mother, works a lot and takes care of everyone.

They live in the city, but close to nature. They pick what they like of both worlds.

They are my friends. I met them four years ago, as my family, already small, was becoming even smaller. Since then, I’ve grown to associate family with fearlessness. It is a feeling of security that I lost, and my friends help me remember how I used to feel during those holidays with my parents, when we went into the Danube Delta or at the seaside and nothing bad could possibly happen.